Dudelczyk Family Law is cognizant of the health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the best interests of our clients’ health and safety, consultations and meetings can be held either remotely or in-person at the discretion of both the individual and Ms. Dudelczyk.

Guardian ad Litem

Ms. Dudelczyk is available to serve as Guardian ad Litem (GAL) by appointment of the Court in New Mexico. As a GAL, Ms. Dudelczyk performs all duties of the appointment carefully and thoughtfully, including monitoring, investigating, and protecting the best interests of the child or children; interviewing the child or children (age dependent); interviewing all available parties; and determining what is in the child or children’s best interests. Following her duties, Ms. Dudelczyk files her recommendations and any additional documentation that may be necessary, at the pleasure of the Court.

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Child Custody and Timesharing in New Mexico

Initial custody determinations typically arise upon the filing of a divorce proceeding or when two unmarried individuals initiate a child custody or parentage action. However, child custody issues can also arise when modification to or enforcement of an existing child custody agreement…

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