Dudelczyk Family Law is cognizant of the health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the best interests of our clients’ health and safety, consultations and meetings can be held either remotely or in-person at the discretion of both the individual and Ms. Dudelczyk.

Payment Information

Dudelczyk Family Law is aware of the cost of legal representation and is committed to billing and payment transparency. As such, a thorough and honest discussion about a client’s financial resources and expectations with regard to their legal matter is critical during the initial consultation. Dudelczyk Family Law is pleased to offer payment plans to its clients. Please review the Installment Payment Plans below for more information.

Payment Overview

The cost of any given legal matter varies significantly and therefore cannot be predetermined. Factors that dictate cost often include the parties’ willingness to come to agreements versus litigating in court, the complexity of the legal issue, and the need to retain other professional experts, such as private investigators, forensic accountants or Guardian ad Litems / Child and Family Investigators. 

Generally speaking, the following should be expected regarding payments and invoicing:

Pay the initial consult fee at the time of scheduling the consultation (nonrefundable if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance)

Pay the initial retainer, which is held in the client’s trust account and billed against monthly 

Review monthly invoice based on our firm’s billable hours and fees incurred (i.e. filing fees), which is paid from the client’s trust account

Replenish trust account when necessary based on client’s Fee Agreement

Upon completion of client’s legal matter, pay the final invoice from the remainder of the client’s trust account (any remaining balance in a client’s trust account will be returned once legal representation ends)

Installment Payment Plans

You can now pay for your legal services with Dudelczyk Family Law using ClientCredit, the first buy now, pay later offering for the legal market. For more information review the resources below or contact us.

Make a Payment

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